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Kyparissia is a town of 9,000 residents at west size in the prefecture Messinia in Peloponnese. The landscape is various and attractive, combining sea and mountainous views. The area is lush green, - fully of olive trees - with long sandy beaches, where even today the giant sea-turtles caretta-caretta chose for building their nests. Tourism is in rather low level, but it is an area with ancient monuments, good weather, offering peaceful vacations and rest.

Kyparissia is an ancient prehistoric coastal town of unique beauty. In the past it had some importance, being near to the ancient Olympia and Pylos. Kyparrisia has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium BC. Shells and tools of the Middle Helladic (Mesoelladiki) and Late Helladic (Ysteroelladiki) era have been found here. From the Iliad of Homer we know that Kyparissia belonged to the kingdom of Nestor which participated in the Trojan War. During the Roman times it reached a high peak of development and minted its own coins and throughout the Byzantine period the city of Kyparissia was called Arcadia due to the high number of Arcadians who lived here. At this time it enjoyed significant economic growth.

After the conquest of Constantinople by the Franks, during the 4th Crusade in 1204, Kyparissia became one of the twelve baronies of the Peloponnesos. In 1432 Kyparrisia passed again into Byzantine hands and in 1460 it found itself under the occupation of Turkey. At the end of the 17th century and during a war between the Venetians and Turks the Venetian fleet captured Kyparissia (July 1686). Kyparissia remained under the sovereignty of Venice until 1715. During the Venetian occupation the city was substantially redeveloped and this continued up until the 18th century. Due to its commercial importance Kyparissia became the provincial capital of Messinia and one of the major cities of Peloponnesos. At this time it enjoyed a population of 5,000 people including French, Venetians and later in 1741 the English.

Large quantities of olive oil and silk were transported from the interior of the Peloponnesos and were exported from Kyparissia's port. During the 1821 Revolution Kyparissia's contribution to Greece was especially important and in May 1825 when the Egyptian army of Ibrahim occupied the city, residents who could not flee were massacred. After the city was released from occupation in 1833 Kyparissia became the capital of the Prefecture of Messinia. From 1835 Kalamata became the capital of the prefecture.

Kyparissia's Castle is a vivid testimony to the historical eras that have come and past. The castle dominates the Old Town and it has a unique view of the Ionian Sea. From there you are able to view fantastic sunsets and allow your mind to drift softly through time.
Kyparissia today is a modern town. It has all the facilities for each one of visitors. 

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