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The temple of Epikourios Apollon

old-photoThe temple of Epikourios Apollon is a temple dedicated to the god of sun and healing, named Apollon. The temple is the creation of Ictinos, who was also the architect of the Parthenon in Athens. The temple is the first nearly complete temple still surviving that combines all three architectural styles: Doric, old-photo2Ionian and Corinthian. It is a Doric peripteral temple made from local limestone, and consists of a prodome and a cella. It is orientated north to south.

In the cella there was a column with a Corinthian capital, which is the oldest known example of its kind. It is was built around 420 B.C. over an older temple, by the citizens of the town Figalia, 1,131m above sea level, in an area called "Bassai",meaning little hill in the rocks. It is also accessible by road and located 14.5km from the town of Andritsaina. old-photo1It is believed that the temple was built in honor of Epikourios Apollon, as gratitude for saving their town from a plague. The temple is now being restored, and will be re-erected on the same location,but on a new base that will allow it towithstand the earth-tremors and soil-shifting that occur in the area.

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